IVF Terminology Cheat Sheet: Understanding Fertility Slang

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It can feel like fertility forums are speaking a completely different language when you first enter your fertility journey! So I’ve put together a quick cheat sheet of some of the most common IVF terminology and fertility slang you’ll come across in your journey.

Fertility AcronymTermDescription
ACAgnus CastusA herbal remedy that some women believe can help with fertility.
AFAunt FloSlang for your period.
AIArtificial InseminationAlso known as intrauterine insemination.
AMHAnti-Müllerian HormoneA hormone measured to assess a woman’s ovarian reserve or egg count.
Baby DustA way to wish someone good luck in getting pregnant, akin to “fairy dust”.
BDBaby DanceColloquial term for sexual intercourse when trying to conceive.
BBTBasal Body Temperature
BCPBirth Control Pill
BFBreastfeed or Boyfriend
BFNBig Fat NegativeSlang for a negative result on a pregnancy test.
BFPBig Fat PositiveSlang for a positive result on a pregnancy test.
BPBlood Pressure
CB/CBDClearblue/Clearblue DigitalA specific brand of pregnancy test.
CBFMClearblue Fertility Monitor
CDCycle DayThe day count of the menstrual cycle, starting from the first day of the period. You will commonly see CD followed by a number e.g. CD1, CD16.
CMCervical Mucus
CPChemical Pregnancy
DPODays Past OvulationThe number of days since ovulation occurred. You will commonly see a number followed by DPO e.g. 5DPO, 12DPO.
DTDDo the DeedSlang for having sex.
EPOEvening Primrose OilA herbal remedy some believe can help with fertility.
ETEmbryo TransferThe procedure of placing an embryo into a woman’s uterus or fallopian tube.
EWCMEgg White Cervical Mucus
FETFrozen Embryo TransferThawing a frozen embryo from a previous IVF cycle and transferring it to the uterus.
FMUFirst Morning UrineUrine in the morning, which has a higher concentration of hormones, potentially making pregnancy tests more effective.
FRERFirst Response Early ResultA specific brand of pregnancy test.
hCGHuman Chorionic GonadotropinA hormone produced during pregnancy, detected by pregnancy tests.
HPTHome Pregnancy TestA test used to determine pregnancy by detecting hCG in urine.
HSGHysterosalpingogramA procedure where the fallopian tubes are flushed with dye to check for blockages.
IBImplantation BleedingSlight bleeding or spotting that may happen around the time an embryo implants in the womb.
ICInternet CheapieA cheap pregnancy test or ovulation predictor kit bought online.
ICSIIntracytoplasmic Sperm InjectionA procedure where a single sperm is injected directly into an egg.
IUIIntrauterine InseminationA fertility treatment involving placing sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization.
IVFIn Vitro FertilizationA process where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body.
LHLuteinising HormoneThe hormone that triggers ovulation; an LH surge is an increase in LH just before ovulation.
Line EyesA request for people to look at a picture of a pregnancy test and say whether or not they think it’s positive.
LMPLast Menstrual PeriodThe first day of the last menstrual cycle, used to calculate pregnancy stages and due dates.
LOLittle One
LPLuteal PhaseThe phase of your cycle between ovulation and getting your period.
MFIMale Factor InfertilityInfertility due to male-related issues, like low sperm count or motility.
OHOther Half
OHSSOvarian Hyperstimulation SyndromeA side effect of fertility medications where the ovaries swell and become painful.
OPOriginal Post/Poster
OPKOvulation Predictor KitTests used for tracking ovulation
PCOSPolycystic Ovary Syndrome
PIDPelvic Inflammatory Disease
PMAPositive Mental Attitude
POASPee on a StickSlang for taking a pregnancy test.
PPPrevious Poster or Postpartum
PGDPre-implantation Genetic DiagnosisIVF embryos are tested for genetic conditions before implantation.
PGSPre-implantation Genetic ScreeningIVF embryos are tested to ensure they have a healthy number of chromosomes before implantation.
PUPOPregnant Until Proven Otherwise
RLTRaspberry Leaf Tea
Rainbow BabyA baby born after losing a pregnancy or a child
SASemen AnalysisAn assessment of sperm quantity, quality, and motility.
SAHDStay-at-Home Dad
SAHMStay-at-Home Mum
SAHPStay-at-Home Parent
SDSuperdrugA particular brand of pregnancy test or a familial term.
SISoya IsoflavonesA supplement some believe can help with fertility.
SMEPSperm Meets Egg PlanA specific method for trying to conceive.
SSSymptom SpottingLooking for early signs of pregnancy or a familial term.
TCOYFTake Charge of Your FertilityA book and app for tracking fertility.
TTCTrying to ConceiveA term used by couples attempting to get pregnant.
2WWTwo-Week WaitThe time between ovulation and either a period or a positive pregnancy test.

What does 5dp5dt mean?

The ‘dp’ stands for ‘Days Post’ and the ‘dt’ stands for ‘Day Transfer’, so 5dp5dt means 5 days post 5 day transfer. 3dp6dt would mean 3 days post 6-day transfer.

What does BFP mean?

‘Big Fat Positive’ – when you get a positive pregnancy test. BFP is a common term used in IVF and fertility treatment groups.

What does PUPO mean?

‘Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise’, normally used after an embryo transfer in IVF.

What is ICSI?

A procedure during IVF where a single sperm is injected directly into an egg.

What does DPO mean?

‘Days Past Ovulation’ or DPO is a term commonly used when trying to conceive (TTC) to count the number of days past ovulation you are.

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